Local election candidate Mike Garner's views on the social care budget

27 April 2019

Mike Garner, local election candidate for St Peters

Kent County Council have been able to increase the share of our Council Tax bills since 2015 that enables them to provide social care to adults in Thanet and around the County. These services range from provision of care homes to help and support for disabled or vulnerable people living in their own home.

We are all familiar with the severe negative impact recent cuts in a lot of these services have had on our communities. Rather than cutting these services, they need to be increased and access made easier for all who need them as a key commitment in a civilised society.

The increases in our Council Tax bills have helped to limit the cuts made to social care services, but this is not sustainable. A new way of providing and funding social care for all needs to be found. We need to see these services as an investment to enable everyone to lead an empowered and fulfilled life.

This may involve increased short-term expenditure in comparison with current levels, but effective provision of these services will produce a healthier, more balanced and secure society, with knock-on reduced costs in other areas of spending.

Thanet Council plays a key role in the provision of broader social care services to all in the community through the provision of, among other things, open spaces and playgrounds, Community Centres, sports and leisure facilities. It is important that these are maintained and developed and are accessible to the whole of the community, as part of a range of community services that promote health and wellbeing.

It is also vital that we continue to offer support services the growing number of homeless people in the District, some of whom find themselves homeless through earlier failures in the provision of social care.

Mike Garner, Thanet Green Party
Local election candidate for St Peters

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