Our views on QEQM, Manston, Ramsgate Port and the draft Local Plan

28 April 2019

Our view on the QEQM stroke unit

We know clinicians advise concentrating stroke services in a few hyper-acute stroke units, and statistically this means fewer patients across Kent suffering life-limiting damage. But siting the nearest HASU an hour away will reduce Thanet patients’ chances.

A fourth, East Kent HASU is desperately needed – and a Government that can suddenly find billions for Brexit spending can afford it.

Manston Airport

While celebrating Manston’s proud history, we must accept its limitations as a commercial airport.

A cargo hub would be disastrous for our environment, health and burgeoning tourist industry and create few jobs – but further uncertainty while RSP attempt the impossible would be damaging too.

Mixed use, including business, leisure, housing, and maybe a very small airfield, would work best.

Ramsgate Port

The council must act immediately after May 2 to stem Ramsgate Port’s losses. The options study approved by council must be implemented and the resulting report made public. The current tender opportunity, raised during purdah, must be withdrawn and resubmitted for the new council’s consideration. Future development proposals must pass full environmental audit and be consulted on with residents.

Our view on the district’s draft Local Plan

Much of the draft Local Plan describes our existing situation rather than outlining realistic future plans. It fails to address our big challenges – poverty, inequality, the financial drain of Ramsgate Port, the threat to tourism and health of a cargo hub at Manston. Its proposed uses of extensive greenfield land for housing and unnecessary Parkway Station are deeply concerning.

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