Our thoughts on issues that directly impact on Ramsgate residents

28 April 2019

 Ramsgate Port

Becky Wing is the candidate for Cantral Harbour and Tricia Hartley is our candidate for Eastcliff. We will stand up for Ramsgate!

Here's what we think about some of the things you've been asking us about:

Thanet District Council

We believe the Council must change, fast. We would push to:

  • change the constitution that allows too much decision-making by officers
  • require detailed accounts and accessible reports for Council tax-payers throughout the year
  • delegate more powers to Town & Parish Councils to make services local and responsive
  • rethink a budget that prioritises refurbished Council offices over basic facilities like public toilets.


We are 100% against Manston reopening as an airport because:

  • it would damage our growing tourist industry and our quality of life, but bring in few jobs
  • history shows Manston is in the wrong place for a commercial airport, so it's likely to fail again
  • it would blight the lives of those who live near the airport
  • air travel is hugely damaging to the environment and a big contributor to climate change.

Ramsgate Port

We believe Ramsgate Port can be an asset rather than a liability. We need to:

  • implement the full options study for the port approved recently by Councillors
  • suspend the tender for work on the Bretts berth pending full investigation
  • make all reports public and all plans subject to full public consultation

QEQM stroke unit

We believe there should be a fourth Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit in East Kent:

  • Ashford is too far for stroke patients to travel, risking greater damage at the critical time
  • Thanet's health is already poorer than most of the rest of Kent
  • we're the sixth richest country in the world, so we can afford this!

Thanet Parkway Station

We believe this is a waste of money and threatens our town stations:

  • we could achieve the same for much less by upgrading the existing lines from Ashford
  • if we're elected, affordable, sustainable public transport will be one of our priorities


This eyesore has blighted our seafront for far too long. If we are elected we will:

  • seek an early meeting with Blueberry Homes to establish a timetable for development
  • push for modifications to the approved plans to reduce height and create open space
  • insist KCC restore sections of seafront that are ours and pass on any rent they've received

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