Green Party prepares to change the political climate in Thanet

27 April 2019

Green Party candidates and supporters at the local elections campaign launch April 2019












A record number of Green Party candidates will contest 14 wards in the Thanet District and Town Council Elections on 2 May 2019.

The weather wasn’t kind to candidates and supporters at the Party’s local election campaign launch event overlooking Ramsgate harbour and port on Sunday 7th April – but Party representatives are confident that the political climate is changing, and that the winds of change are blowing in their direction!

Ramsgate Central Harbour candidate Becky Wing said:

“Many people locally have told me they feel disillusioned with the main political parties and want to give their vote to someone they know and trust. As a small political party, we are happy to work with people of any political affiliation or none: we’re just interested in what’s best for our area.”

Election Agent and Ramsgate Eastcliff candidate Tricia Hartley commented:

“We chose to launch our campaign overlooking Ramsgate port because it symbolises so much that needs to change about how TDC works – the massive financial deficit, the semi-derelict site that should be thriving, the industrialisation of the heart of a burgeoning tourist area, the refusal to listen to residents’ concerns... When we got here this morning and saw the port shrouded in mist, we felt it symbolised the complete lack of transparency from TDC on this issue!”

St Peters candidate Mike Garner added:

“We believe politics in Thanet needs a good shake-up! It’s time the old ways of doing things were challenged. We’re campaigning to change the climate of local politics: support us and we’ll stand up for you!”

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