General election candidates for Thanet

We're Becky and Rob, and we're running for Parliament as your Green Party candidates in Thanet.


 Gemeral election candidates Rob Edwards and Becky Wing in Margate

Becky Wing (South Thanet)

I’ve lived in Ramsgate since 2010. I work with Charlton Athletic Community Trust supporting young people across Thanet. As a working-class child I was able to access free education to become a teacher, so I have a passion for education and training: it empowers and improves life chances. In May I was elected as one of three new Green Councillors in Thanet (a former UKIP-controlled Council) and I’m working hard to support and represent constituents.

I want to champion a kinder politics that puts people and places first. Tackling our biggest threat, Climate Change, will also help address Thanet’s increasing poverty and inequality. Our District Council declared a Climate Emergency in July and we’re introducing a range of green initiatives. My work, volunteering and Council roles have given me skills that would make me an effective MP – and I have the energy and commitment to make a difference and to help drive change in South Thanet.

Rob Edwards (North Thanet)

I’ve lived in North Thanet all my life - studied in its education system, worked in its businesses, talked with its residents. I work as a sports centre manager, but I’ve also worked at Westgate’s Carlton Cinema, in recruitment and as a personal trainer.  I stood in the May 2019 local elections, helping with leafletting and canvassing, and came close to being elected.

I’m standing in this election because I’m disillusioned with old-school politics. Politics should be about ordinary people, not the privileged few. If we champion equality and embrace the potential of green technologies to support and develop our businesses, we can all prosper.  I’m young, hungry to make a difference, and will work immensely hard to change North Thanet for the better.